Monday, 30 December 2013

Spen King at Tros Yr Afon farm, Anglesey.

Spen King at Tros Yr Afon farm, Anglesey.

Maurice Wilks was the Chief Engineer at Rover after WW2 and was responsible for the development of  the original series 1 Land Rover. He developed the concept of the Land Rover at his farm in Anglesey (Tros Yr Afon) using the local dunes as a test ground.

Charles Spencer King was Wilks' nephew and developed the Range Rover in the late 1960s. In the summer of 1994 Land Rover lent a pre-production second generation Range Rover to Spen King and Autocar magazine for a "pilgrimage" article. This meeting is the subject of the commission from the current owner of the vehicle

Acrylic on canvas board 22" x 18" ( 559 x 475mm)

Private commission